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Hunter × Hunter (ハンター×ハンター Hantā Hantā?) is a shōnen manga series written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi with an anime adaptation. The first chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga series began was published in March of 1998, in the Japanese magazine Weekly Shonen Jump.[1] The manga has continued its serialization and is currently reached 280 chapters, however, the publication history of the Hunter × Hunter manga has been plagued with hiatuses, the longest of which lasted one and a half years, between February 2006 and October 2007. These hiatuses are often attributed to the author suffering from an unspecified illness. As of chapter 280, the series is again, on hiatus, to allow the author time to prepare the next ten chapters.

The story of Hunter × Hunter focuses on a young boy named Gon Freecss, who one day discovers that the father he had always been told was dead was alive and well. He learns that his father, Ging Freecss, is a legendary Hunter, a person that has proven themselves by examination to be an elite member of humanity, with a license to go anywhere or do anything. Despite the fact that his father abandoned Gon with his relatives in order to pursue his dreams, Gon becomes determined to follow in his father's footsteps, pass the Hunter examination, and eventually find his father, to prove himself as a Hunter in his own right.

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Although Gon's search for his father is initially presented as the plot for Hunter × Hunter, the actual narrative of Hunter × Hunter is that of a coming of age story focusing on the four main characters. Each of these four youth has his own reasons for becoming a Hunter, and each undergoes both physical and emotional growth.

Like many other shōnen manga, Hunter × Hunter takes the storytelling format of story arcs. As of March, 2008, four story arcs, the Hunter Exam arc, the Zaoldyeck Family & Celestial Tower Story Arc, the York Shin arc, and the Greed Island arc, have been completed, with a fifth arc, the Chimera Ant arc, nearing completion.

Hunter Exam Story Arc

In the first major story arc, Gon learns of his father, who is hunter and he decides to search for his father. Gon takes a series of bizarre tests to become a Hunter himself, which first included running a three hour marathon and then navigate through a deadly jungle that contained animals waiting to lure the unsuspecting humans. The next test was to kill a wild boar and feed the roasted boar to one of the examiners. then Gon and the other examinees had to make sushi, which everyone failed. Despite this failure, the group are given another chance by retrieving spider eagle eggs that hung from webs in a deep canyon. The group then had to go through the infamous Trick Tower, which not only included tons of traps and obstacles but a few sentenced inmates that are hired to stop them from passing. The next exam was to hunt each other down for their badges. Finally the last exam was a tournament, where all but one will finally become official hunters. During the Hunter Test, Gon meets and befriends three of the other applicants, Kurapika, Killua and Leorio.

Another of the applicants in the Hunter Test is Hisoka, a complex villain who uses playing cards as weapons, and who views Gon as an "unripe fruit" that he will take great pleasure in killing once he's grown up enough to present a challenge. Killua, after confronting his elder brother in the tournament, kills one of the applicants and is disqualified; he then goes to his family's estate home.

Zaoldyeck Family & Celestial Tower Story Arc

The second story arc involves Gon, Kurapika, and Leorio springing Killua from his parents' mansion (the Zaoldyeck family). At the end of the second story arc, Leorio leaves for medical school and studies to become a professional doctor while Kurapika leaves to find work, taking both characters out of the story. In the third story arc, Gon and Killua go to the Celestial Tower (天空闘技場, lit. Heaven's Arena), a 251-floor building where people can compete in fighting tournaments around the clock for cash. It is here they meet the Kungfu master Wing, who teaches them about Nen, a chi-like energy that can be used to manifest superhuman powers. He teaches a young child named Zushi, who joins Gon and Killua to fight in the tournament to gain money and experience. Hisoka defeats another powerful Nen user, Kastro, who was able to create and use a double made from Nen. Hisoka loses both arms in the battle but Machi, a fellow Nen user and Genei Ryodan member, uses her ability to sew the arms back on. In a memorable fight, Gon battles Hisoka and is able to land a few hits but loses in the end.

York Shin Story Arc
Main article: Genei Ryodan

The fourth story arc reunites the four main characters for the world's largest auction in a sprawling metropolis called Yorkshin City. While Gon, Killua, and Leorio try different methods to make enough money to buy Greed Island, a "Joystation" video game that could help Gon find his father, Kurapika takes center stage. This story arc introduces the Genei Ryodan (also known as the Phantom Troupe), a group of thieves who, among many other crimes, slaughtered all the other members of Kurapika's clan. Kurapika crosses paths with them while working as a bodyguard for a teenage girl named Neon, who has a clairvoyant Nen ability. He spends the rest of the arc balancing his bodyguard duties with his goal to hunt down the Genei Ryodan.

By the end of the Genei Ryodan story arc, Kurapika has directly killed Ubogin, indirectly killed Pakunoda (via a deadly Nen ability which killed her when she broke the conditions he had set onto her), and "sealed" Kuroro Lucifer's Nen ability (via the same ability he used on Pakunoda). These are accomplished via an unsteady alliance with Hisoka, who betrays the Genei Ryodan in exchange for a chance to fight Kuroro Lucifer. Once Kuroro's powers are "sealed," Hisoka completely loses interest and walks away.

Greed Island Story Arc
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Gon, Killua, and Leorio return to help Kurapika at the end of the third story arc, after which Leorio and Kurapika leave again, returning the focus to Gon and Killua. The fifth story arc concerns Gon and Killua's adventures on Greed Island, the seemingly-magical video game that sucks its player's physical bodies into its own world. It is later revealed that the game is actually set on an island in the real world (the physical game set is actually just a teleporting device), created and run by a group of powerful Nen users who are led by none other than Gon's own father Ging. 'Greed Island' is named after the letters of each name of the creators. The Greed Island story arc is very video-game-like. The game Greed Island runs on a complex card-based gaming system. The goal of the game is to collect a number of set cards, although almost everything in the game, from food to money, can be turned into cards. There are cards capable of doing anything, from making people pregnant regardless of gender, granting wishes, and magic spell cards that can warp you to specific towns. Inside Greed Island Gon and Killua are joined by Biscuit Kruger; nicknamed Bisuke, a 57-year-old woman who looks like a 12-year-old girl, and is a master and experienced teacher of Nen. She continues the Nen training Wing gave to Gon and Killua during the Celestial Tower arc. As the story progresses, a player (actually a gang of three) nicknamed 'Bomber' is bombing other players up, killing their way towards winning the game and its prize. Using traps and strategy, Gon, Killua, and Bisuke team up with other players and defeated the Bombers. The Genei Ryodan also travel to Greed Island, looking for a Nen remover to remove the dagger placed on Kuroro's heart by Kurapika. Gon, Killua and Bisuke are the first to complete 'Greed Island' and after bidding Bisuke goodbye, they return to their search for Ging. As part of their reward, they are allowed to take three cards to be used in the real world. Using the card 'Accompany' they travel to 'Nigg' who they believe is Ging. 'Nigg' was his father, but his father only wanted Gon to come alone, so he had a safety measure in place, that if "Accompany" was used, it would take them to Kaito instead.

Also during this arc, Killua's younger brother, Kalluto, joins the Genei Ryodan; replacing Hisoka as member number 4.

Chimera Ant Story Arc

After leaving Greed Island, Gon and Killua meet up with Kaito, the Hunter who told Gon about Ging and Hunters in the very first chapter. They are all hired to investigate a strange insect leg that washed up on a beach. Genetic testing determines that the leg belongs to an abnormally large queen Chimera Ant, an insect that eats other insects and animals, and then gives birth to children that inherit the characteristics of all the different insects and animals it has eaten. The queen Chimera Ant itself happens to wash up on the shore of an island nation called the NGL (Neo Green Life) inhabited by a neo-luddite culture. She quickly develops a taste for humans after given the opportunity to eat them. The Chimera Ants proceed to wipe most of the population out and spawn hundreds of offspring before Gon, Killua, and Kaito arrive. The three very powerful Royal Guards are introduced, who develop Nen abilities. One of the Royal Guards, Nefelpitou, fights Kaito and kills him. Kaito is later brought back to life by Nefelpitou as a training tool for warrior Chimera Ants, but he is now a zombified puppet, much to Gon and Killua's sadness. Gon vows to find a way to save Kaito.

Chairman Netero, Morau, and Novu arrive as reinforcements. However, they are unable to stop the birth of the Chimera Ant King. The queen dies due to the King ripping himself out of her womb too early. With the Queen dead and their inhibitions gone, many of the warrior Ants proclaimed themselves kings and departed the hive; two of them end up joining the Hunters' side.

As a side story to the main plotline centered around Gon and Killua, one of the children of the queen Chimera Ant, Zazan, starts a colony near Ryuuseigai, the place that is the origin of the Genei Ryodan. Half of the group: Phinx, Feitan, Shalnark, Shizuku, Bonorenofu, and Kalluto travel to Ryuuseigai to halt the invasion. Upon reaching the colony, the team splits up, agreeing that whoever defeats Zazan will be the temporary leader of the Genei Ryodan until Kuroro Lucifer returns. Feitan ends up defeating Zazan, and as such, is now the ad interim leader.

The King and Royal Guard Ants pull a "coup d'etat" on the nearby Republic of East Goruto and from there begin the process of "selecting" humans that have the capability to gain Nen powers. This causes many deaths as only a small amount of humans are able to gain Nen powers. They were quickly detected by the Hunters. As warrior Ants from the old hive rejoin the King, the Hunters mobilize quickly to stop the massacre.

As soon as Gon, Killua, Morau, Knuckle, Shoot, Novu, and Ikarugo break into the palace of East Goruto, both Netero and Zeno arrive. Zeno uses his hatsu ability to cause extensive damage to the palace in order to create a large enough distraction for Gon's team to enter unnoticed. In the process, the ability injuries the King's gun-gi opponent, Komugi, in the process. Through playing the game, the King learned about human emotion and called into doubt his purpose in life. The King, distraught by the damage done to Komugi, orders Nefelpitou to heal her wounds while complying with Netero and Zeno's request for a battle located on different grounds.

The plan developed by Gon's team is temporarily halted by the unexpected presence of Montutuyupi, one of the Chimera Ant King's three royal guards, in front of their point of entry. Shauapufu, worried for the King's safety after the destruction done to the palace, rushes towards the throne room where he was confronted by Morau. At the same time, Montutuyupi engages in combat with Shoot, while Killua and Gon attempt to discover an alternate entry into the throne room after the staircase is destroyed by Zeno's hatsu.

While Knuckles takes over the battle with Montutuyupi, Gon and Killua finally catch up with Nefelpitou (who was currently healing Komugi). Gon challenges Pitou but Pitou inexpediently refuses, saying he needs to heal Komugi for the King. Gon, still broken by Kaito's zombiefied state , shows no mercy by claiming that Nefelpitou is being selfish in determining whose lives are saved and angry that he didn't show the same feelings for Kaito. Gon commences his hatsu to attack, but Pitou completely surrenders himself to Gon, removing his own arm and telling Gon he would give up his arms and legs if he would let him finish healing Komugi. Killua then tell Gon that killing Pitou would do no good, as there would be no one to return Kaito to normal. After hearing this, Gon calms down and sets the condition to wait for one hour while Nefelpitou heals Komungi to a stable condition and then returning with them to restore Kaito.

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A major concept in the Hunter × Hunter series is Nen, a system of spiritual energy control that is what makes special abilities possible. This concept has roots in author Yoshihiro Togashi's earlier manga series, YuYu Hakusho, and is based on part on the concept of Chi found in both Buddhism and traditional martial arts. In addition, the concept of opening "shouko" to be able to actively utilize nen is based on the Buddhist concept of meditation to open the body's pores. This strictly defined system of energy control differentiates Hunter × Hunter from other shonen manga series with similar concepts of spiritual energy, where abilities are vaguely defined and often contradictory.

Main article: List of Hunter × Hunter characters
Characters from top to bottom: Gon, Kurapika, Leorio, Killua.
Gon Freecss
A young boy who wishes to become a hunter to find his father, the legendary hunter Ging Freecss. Ging had left Gon in his aunt's care since birth. Gon is a headstrong optimistic youth with extraordinary senses of smell and hearing, sharp instincts, and an innate understanding for animals.
Gon starts with an unusual choice of weaponry - a fishing rod. After learning nen, he switches to relying on his Hatsu ability, the Jajanken.
Killua Zaoldyeck
Born to the Zaoldyeck family of assassins, Killua is considered the genius of his generation. He has been trained and raised since birth to take over as heir of the Zaoldyeck family business of assassination and is already a professional assassin even at his young age.
Killua joined the Hunter exam after running away from home, and by chance meets and befriends Gon. He is a very agile and strong fighter with just his bare hands, carrying his family's characteristic immunity to poisons and electricity. He later bases his transformation type Hatsu ability on electricity. One of his other killing abilities was to 'alter' the bone structure of his hand in a way that would sharpen his fingers and nails to the point of a lethal claw. This allows him to slice up his opponents and/or pluck out vital organs. He also knows a technique called the 'rhythm echo', which creates a series of after images of him through a varying cadence of steps. Later, he learns to fight with a yo-yo and electric shocks.
The last living member of the Kuruta clan, Kurapika has made it his life goal to hunt down and destroy the group responsible for his tribe's destruction - the Genei Ryodan (also known as the Phantom Troupe). His tribe was renowned for their eyes - which would turn flaming scarlet in times of anger or emotional agitation. The so-called 'scarlet eyes' (also known as Kuruta eyeballs) were considered a priceless treasure among body-part collectors, which is what prompted the Genei Ryodan to destroy them.
Kurapika enters the Hunters Exam because he believes becoming a Blacklist Hunter will give him the necessary resources to fight the Genei Ryodan. Kurapika is in general calm and level-headed, preferring to think before leaping into battles. He is also a strong fighter - a huge boost in strength and agility being a side effect of his tribe's scarlet eyes. After being taught nen, Kurapika develops the ability to use two nen types - his usual materialization type, and a specialization type that comes into effect only when his eyes turn scarlet. The specialization type allows him to use the other five nen types all at 100% efficiency. He takes advantage of this fact while fighting against the Genei Ryodan by tricking them into thinking they are fighting a nen user whose only ability is either manipulating or materializing chains. He doesn't want anyone to know he was from the clan so he wears brown contacts.
Leorio claimed that he joined the Hunter exam solely for money. Later, he reveals that it is because he wishes to become a doctor, and needs the money to pay for school fees. He had once lost a very close friend (Pietro) to a debilitating illness only because he had lacked the money to pay for a cure, and now aspires to become a doctor who is able to cure the poor without needing to charge.
He is not so much of an experienced or talented fighter like most of the other Hunter Examinees, but is by no means weak. He is actually revealed to be physically stronger than Gon or Kurapika. He too, came to learn of nen after passing the Hunter exam. However, he has (at current) chosen to put aside his nen training so he can fulfill his goal of becoming a doctor. Before showing Gon and Killua his Nen he thought that all there was to nen was "ten," one of its four aspects; however, he was corrected by Gon and Killua.
Hiding under the guise of a clown-faced magician, not much is known about him or his past. During the Hunter exams Hisoka decided to take on the role of assistant examiner and commenced to kill anybody whom he thought did not meet his standards as a hunter. During this event Hisoka met Gon and became interested with him after realizing the potential Gon had to become a great hunter due to his his courage to face him despite great odds solely to protect his friends. He believed he was a hunter he would see grow to his prime, then destroy. Due to knowledge of nen being so limited, Hisoka takes advantage of this and uses nen freely, claiming it to be magic. This would make him more of an illusionist than someone who actually has magical powers. Despite dressing up as a clown claiming to be a magician, he is an extremely skilled and dangerous fighter.

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      Cipher Pol No. 9 members. From left to right: Blueno, Fukurou, Spandam, Kaku, Hattori (on Lucci's shoulder), Rob Lucci, Jyabura, Kalifa and Kumadori                                                                                                                         

CP9 (シーピーナイン, Shī pī nain) is the hidden ninth unit of the Cipher Pol organization, formed of people able to use Rokushiki, six powerful skills only known to its members. CP9 also has special privileges not available to normal Cipher Pol squadrons, like the permission to kill any person perceived as a threat to world stability. More recently, CP9 was gifted, under the authority of Admiral Aokiji, the ability to initiate a "Buster Call", a powerful strike force of ten warships which hunt down and destroy any particular criminal group unfortunate enough to be targeted, along with the island. There are currently eight members of CP9.

The organization seeks the plans to a powerful, ancient warship, called Pluton, the same ship mentioned in Alabasta's Poneglyph that was Sir Crocodile's main objective, in order to bring an end to the Great Pirate Era. The CP9 are based in Enies Lobbys' Tower of Justice, where they act as the final guardians of the Gate of Justice. It has been said that Enies Lobby's reputation of being impossible to conquer is because of the strength of CP9. It was also stated that this generation of CP9 is the strongest in its history. They were defeated by The Straw Hat Pirates when the latter came to rescue their comrade Nico Robin.

Seiyu: Masaya Onosaka
Voice Actor: Kent Williams
Age: 39

Spandam (スパンダム, Supandamu) is the leader of CP9, and the former leader of CP5. As the leader of CP5 he attempted to retrieve the blueprints of the weapon Pluton from the shipwright Tom. When Tom refused, Spandam framed him by using Franky's battleships on a judiciary ship, making it seem like Tom and his apprentices Franky and Iceburg were the culprits. In the end though, Spandam was outsmarted, as Tom safely hid the plans away, and only got a very scarred face for his trouble. As the leader of CP9, he ordered the capture of Franky and Nico Robin, and had them taken to Enies Lobby to finish what he started years ago.

Spandam is the least powerful of the group as he has a douriki level of only 9. Because of his physical weakness, Spandam relies on his natural talents of deception and cunning, as opposed to actual combat. He often reveals extreme cowardice, though he doesn't hesitate to use his rank to boss around his subordinates. He owns a sword named "Funk Freed" (ファンクフリード Fankufurīdo), which "ate" the Devil Fruit, Zou Zou no Mi (ゾウゾウの実 Elephant Elephant Fruit), giving it the ability to transform into an elephant. He is also very clumsy and idiotic, and has an obsession to get higher ranks and prestige.

It was him that accidentally activated the Buster Call while he took Robin to the Gate of Justice, and thus causing the chaos and destruction that ensued on the island. When he was almost to the Gate of Justice, he is hit by one of Sogeking's explosive projectile attacks, allowing Robin to escape and break free of her handcuffs. When the Straw Hats are escaping on the returned Going Merry, he tries to kill them by giving orders to fire, but is immediately stopped by Robin who breaks his back.

In the Volume 44 SBS, Oda drew pictures of the CP9 agents as children. Based on these illustrations, it seems Spandam has had Funk Freed ever since he was young. It also seems that animals created by Devil Fruits can age, as Funk Freed looks younger as well.
Many villains in One Piece were given distinct laughs. Spandam follows in this tradition with a short "wa" at the beginning of his laugh (i.e. "Wa ha ha ha ha!"), though it sounds more like "Da" in the anime.
In a recent Weekly Shonen Jump poll to determine the most popular One Piece characters, Spandam ranked at 28th with 179 votes.
Spandam is a boss character in One Piece Unlimited Adventure.

Rob Lucci
Seiyū: Tomokazu Seki
Voice Actor: Jason Liebrecht
Age: 28

Rob Lucci (ロブ・ルッチ, Robu Rucchi) first appears as a shipwright under the Galley La company and appears to be a ventriloquist using his pigeon, Hattori (ハットリ, Hattori), to speak for him. He also shows very impressive skills when he gets into a fight with Paulie and Luffy. It is soon revealed he is the unquestioned leader of the Water 7 CP9 unit which infiltrated the Galley-La company, and perfectly capable of speaking for himself. Lucci ate the Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Leopard (ネコネコの実 モデル豹(レオパルド), Cat Cat Fruit, Model: Leopard), which allows him to turn into a huge leopard-human hybrid and a full leopard. He is also a master of the Rokushiki techniques, and his fighting capabilities are dimensions beyond the other CP9 members. Lucci can perform Life Return, like Kumadori, and uses it to alter his body into forms that amplify his skills in a specific rokushiki ability, though only Kami-e Form, which makes his man-beast form smaller and thinner, has been seen.

At the age of thirteen, Lucci was sent to a kingdom to kill a group of pirates who had taken the kingdom's soldiers for ransom. He not only killed the pirates but also the 500 captured soldiers; during this incident, he gained a back full of scars from the pirate crew's guns, vaguely scarred in the shape of the World Government's symbol. Shortly after that he became a CP9 member, and gained the reputation of being the group's most cold-hearted and efficient assassin in its entire history. As such, he is a very valuable asset to the World Government, almost to the point of legend.

At the Galley-La headquarters in Water 7, Lucci effortlessly defeated Luffy in a relatively short fight. Later in Enies Lobby, Luffy chased after Lucci and initiated a second fight with him. The two engaged in an extremely long, hectic and boisterous fight in which Luffy eventually emerged victorious. Lucci almost dies during the Buster Call attack on the island, but is saved by Blueno who used his Air Door move to protect him and the others.

In the Volume 44 SBS, it was revealed that Lucci has had Hattori ever since he was a child. It also appears that Hattori was wearing ties before Lucci was. It is also revealed Lucci may not have always been so sadistic and violent, as he had the kanji for "peace" on his shirt.
Lucci's name comes from the italian word for light "Luce" and his first name "Rob" can be interpreted as "to steal", thus his full name can be interpreted as "To steal the light".
Lucci's birthday was revealed in a Volume 43 SBS to be June 2. This is because in the Japanese language, 6 can be pronounced as ro, and 2 can be pronounced as bu. Put together, these make Robu, the Japanese pronunciation of "Rob".
Lucci ranked at 12th in the most recent popularity contest with 647 votes.
Lucci appears in One Piece: Unlimited Adventure as a boss and unlockable character.

Seiyū: Ryōtarō Okiayu
Voice Actor: Jerry Jewell
Age: 23

Kaku (カク, Kaku) is first seen as the especially friendly chief mechanic of the five foremen of Galley-La Company's Dock One. It was him who inspected the Going Merry and informed the Straw Hats that their ship is damaged beyond repair. Kaku has a very long nose, similar to Usopp, though it is very angular as opposed to round. He is able to move incredibly fast and leap from amazing heights and distances without a scratch, and enjoys doing so very much. This earned him the nickname "Yamakaze" or "Mountain Wind" by the admiring people of Water 7, though some of the Straw Hats called him "Monkey Boy" instead. As a Galley-La employee, he fights using a variety of pavers; as a CP9 agent, he is a skilled swordsman. After being revealed as one of the Water 7 CP9 agents, Kaku's personality becomes cold and rather emotionless in contrast to his character on Water 7 where he was mainly seen laughing and smiling. Despite this, he stills laughs and openly enjoys himself in combat because he considers it fun. He also shows a sportive side, as he shows no bitterness after being defeated by Roronoa Zoro.

At Enies Lobby, Spandam gives to him and Kalifa two Devil Fruits. Kaku eats the Ushi Ushi no Mi Model: Giraffe (ウシウシの実 モデル麒麟(ジラフ) Cow Cow Fruit, Model: Giraffe), which grants him the ability to transform into a giraffe or a giraffe-man hybrid. Although he feels proud for his giraffe forms, he is repeatedly mocked by it which angers him to no end. This even drove him to slice the top of Tower of Justice with a Rankyaku.

In the Volume 44 SBS, it was revealed that when Kaku was younger, he enjoyed building model ships.
Kaku ranked 9th place in the most recent popularity contest, making him the most popular CP9 member, as well as the most popular villain in general and the second most popular character outside the Straw Hat crew.
Kaku is a boss character in One Piece: Unlimited Adventure.

Seiyū: Masaya Takatsuka
Age: 35

Jyabura (ジャブラ, Jabura) is the leader of team made by himself, Fukurou and Kumadori. He ate the Devil Fruit Inu Inu no Mi Model: Wolf (イヌイヌの実 モデル狼(ウルフ) Dog Dog Fruit, Model: Wolf), which gives him the power to change into a full wolf and a human-wolf hybrid that resembles a werewolf.

He believes he has a strong rivalry with Rob Lucci, who seems mostly disinterested in any such notion. Jyabura is extremely competitive, and gets outraged when someone surpasses him (for instance, he didn't like when learned that Kaku became stronger than him). He is also very superstitious, believing that if someone who has eaten a Devil Fruit gets too close to another Devil Fruit, their body will explode as the two devils confront each other, though Blueno explains that this is not the case. While fighting, he tends to deceive his opponents to get them off guard.

Initially Jyabura chooses to fight with Sogeking, but after Sogeking showed to have no match, Sanji abruptly appears and saves his friend from being killed by Jyabura. It then starts a fight between Sanji and Jyabura, where Jyabura is defeated by Sanji's Diable Jambe, which breaks through Jyabura'sTekkai. Jyabura is the only one of his unit to master Tekkai Kempo, a technique that allows him to use martial arts while using Tekkai.

In the Volume 44 SBS, it was revealed that Jyabura already had the scar across his eye when he was a child.
Jyabura ranked at 17th in the most recent popularity contest with 461 votes.
In the version of chapter 413 published in Shonen Jump, Jyabura's mustache was missing in more than half the panels he appeared in. However, this was fixed in the tankoubon, and only three panels remained with the mustache missing.
Jyabura has a tattoo on the front of his shoulder that is the kanji for "wolf" (狼, ookami). However, his shirt entirely covers his tattoo when he is in human form.
Many villains in One Piece have distinct laughs. Jyabura follows in this tradition with a long "gya" at the beginning of his laugh (i.e. "Gyaaaa ha ha ha ha!).

Seiyū: Seiji Sasaki
Voice Actor: Bob Carter
Age: 30

Blueno (ブルーノ, Burūno) first appears as the owner of a bar in Water 7 and seems to be good friends with Franky and Paulie. However, he soon shows his true nature when he, along with the rest of CP9, attacks Paulie and Iceburg for the Pluton blueprints. He is the agent that Robin ran into on the streets in Water 7 while she was with Chopper, as well as the agent whose Devil Fruit powers were used in both attempted assassinations of Iceburg.

He is a very large man with broad shoulders and horn-like protrusions of hair. He is the only agent who remains to look calm and controlled during battles while the others show to have praising when they are attacking their opponents. Blueno ate the Doa Doa no Mi (ドアドアの実 Door Door Fruit) which allows him to create doors on any surface. He has even created "air doors", doors in the air itself, which lead to what seems to be another dimension. Blueno is also able to create doors on people, and did so to Luffy's face, causing it to spin like a revolving door.

He is defeated by Luffy's Gear Second abilities on the roof of the Court House. He later revives to rescue his other fellow workmates during the Buster Call and put them safely in the Air Door dimension.

In the Volume 44 SBS, it was revealed that when Blueno was younger, he loved baseball.
In a recent Weekly Shonen Jump, in a poll to determine the most popular One Piece characters, Blueno ranked at 81st.
Blueno's name most likely comes from the Old High German/Scandinavian word for brown: "brun", and in that case probably should be spelled "Bruno", just like the German/Scandinavian name.

Seiyū: Hiroaki Yoshida
Age: 34

Kumadori (クマドリ, Kumadori) is one of the last members of CP9 revealed, and is recognizable by his large frame, huge mane of pinkish hair, and a right eye that never seems to be open. He seems to honor the samurai honor code very heavily as he comically attempts to take his own life after dishonoring himself. As he accepts the blame for nearly anything, even faults of others, this happens quite often in his appearances. Before he commits seppuku, however, he instinctively uses Tekkai every time, unintentionally saving his own life. He also seems to have strong feelings for his deceased mother, beginning to sob, even while fighting, at the very thought of her. He claims her "divine protection" is the reason for his failed suicide-attempts.

Kumadori is a very loud person, and has the strange habit of yelling something resembling "YOYOI!!" rather often. Most of his mannerisms and his make-up seem to have been inspired in kabuki actors, being even his name is taken from a type of make-up to kabuki. His fighting abilities include Life Return, which gives him control over every cell in his body, even his hair.

Initially, he fights with Nami who is shown to be at a disadvantage. However, Chopper appears and helps Nami to escape, becoming his opponent. Kumadori proves to be stronger than Chopper, who, at the end, is forced to use his forbbiden form "Monster Point" to defeat him.

In the Volume 44 SBS, it was revealed that Kumadori had been wearing his kabuki-style makeup since he was a child.
In a recent Weekly Shonen Jump, in a poll to determine the most popular One Piece characters, Kumadori ranked at 97th.
Although Kumadori tries to commit suicide to join his deceased mother in heaven, Oda revealed that Kumadori's mother is still alive, and her name is Yamanbako, which is Japanese for "mountain witch".

Seiyū: Kumiko Watanabe
Age: 29

Fukurou (フクロウ, Fukurou) is a round, oddly-shaped man with a zipper across his mouth, which he must unzip if he needs to speak. Despite having the ability to "zip it", his biggest personality quirk is having a big mouth, both figuratively and literally; he also has the strange habit of saying "chapapa" after almost every sentence or as an exclamation. He often blurts things out inconsiderately like, for instance, in a mission with Jyabura and Kumadori prior to the Straw Hats invading Enies Lobby, he announces his team's mission to the entire town and they are forced to kill 23 people instead of the three their mission required, and when the Straw Hat crew's assault on Enies Lobby began, Fukurou tactlessly mentions how weak Spandam was and Jyabura being dumped by his girlfriend.

Fukurou nicknames himself "Fukurou the Silent", since with his Soru ability he can move very fast and approach a target unheard and unseen before killing them. Fukurou's fighting style revolves mostly around a refined punch, the "Jugon" ability that throws a punch that he says is more damaging than the Shigan, and his strange body frame seems to require him to do the rokushiki slightly different than the other CP9 members. Fukurou's special te-awase (手合わせ, contest) ability allows him to measure the douriki (道力, power level) of his fellow teammates. He is defeated by Franky who uses a powerful Coup de Vent to knock him out.

In the Volume 44 SBS, it was revealed that Fukurou had gotten a black belt in an unnamed martial art at an early age. He has also had the zipper across his mouth ever since he was young.
Fukurou ranked at 26th in the most recent popularity contest with 202 votes.

CP9 Members' Douriki According to Fukurou[1]
Rob Lucci - 4000 Douriki
Kaku - 2200 Douriki
Jyabura - 2180 Douriki
Blueno - 820 Douriki
Kumadori - 810 Douriki
Fukurou - 800 Douriki
Kalifa - 630 Douriki
Spandam - 9 Douriki

Seiyū: Naomi Shindō
Age: 25

Kalifa (カリファ, Karifa) first appears in Water 7 as Iceburg's loyal secretary, going so far as to attack anyone who insults him with very swift and powerful kicks. Despite her loyalty to Iceburg, Kalifa hates men, considering their speech, actions, and existence as sexual harassment. That being said, she never hesitated to use her femininity to her utmost advantage in her battle with Sanji, where she teased and pummeled him rather than demanding "equal treatment".

On her arrival on Enies Lobby, Spandam gives her and Kaku two Devil Fruits. Kalifa eats the Awa Awa no Mi (アワアワの実 Bubble Bubble Fruit), which allows her to create cleansing bubbles that are capable of "cleaning off" a person's energy and turning them in slippery mannequins. Kalifa defeats Sanji, who refused to strike her since she is a woman, but is outsmarted by Nami, who figures out the weakness of her Devil Fruit powers and knocks her out with a Lightning Tempo.

Kalifa's birthday is April 23, which is Secretary's Day.
In the Volume 44 SBS, it was revealed that Kalifa was very bookish as a child.
Kalifa ranked at 23rd in the most recent popularity contest with 346 votes.
Oda has named several female characters after birds. Kalifa seems to be named after the Kalij Pheasant (or in German, "Kalifasan").

Nero of CP9
Seiyū: Hidenobu Kiuchi

Known as the "Nero the Sea Weasel" (海イタチのネロ, Umi Itachi no Nero), Nero is considered the newest member of CP9. He is first introduced on the Puffing Tom, where he is assisting in the mission to escort Nico Robin to Enies Lobby. Being a new recruit, Nero is a yonshiki-tsukai (四式使い, four-power user), instead of a rokushiki-tsukai (六式使い, six-power user). The forms that Nero has mastered are soru, geppou, kami-e, and rankyaku. He compensates for his lack of shigan and tekkai by carrying guns with him and is very careful to avoid taking blows. Nero is defeated by Franky on the roof of the sea train, and is then seemingly killed by Rob Lucci for his weakness. In a recent Weekly Shonen Jump, in a poll to determine the most popular One Piece characters, Nero ranked at 98th.

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Twenty years ago, in a magic-filled dimension parallel to our own, the forces of darkness came into power and a war called the Great Battle began. An army of the undead, led by a powerful warrior, swarmed into the land with their sights set on taking over the magical realm, the human realm and beyond, but they would have to combat a legion of brave and powerful wizards. The Mystics battled valiantly against overwhelming odds until they drove the evil back from the edge of the human world. The strongest wizard of all, Leanbow, cast a spell and sent the evil warriors into the Underworld, having the Gatekeeper seal the gates for all eternity. The forces of truth successfully thwarted the dark forces' attempt to take the surface world, but they lost Leanbow, as he made sure the evil forces did not escape by sealing himself on their side of the Gate. The human world would never know of the Great Battle, nor of the sacrifices made to spare their lives from destruction. Even to this day they live in peace and tranquility, totally unaware of what is about to awaken.

The city of Briarwood was struck by an earthquake, which was just enough to crack the seal, allowing evil to renew its attempt to invade the human world. The sorceress Udonna, realizing that the forces of evil had returned, sought out the warriors of legend, five teens living in Briarwood, to become the Power Rangers alongside her. While one of the teens was reluctant at first, he realized his destiny and joined the others in the fight against the Master of the Underworld and his numerous minions.

When Udonna loses her Ranger powers to the mysterious Koragg, it is up to Nick, Chip, Madison, Vida, and Xander to save the Earth on their own. They are assisted by Udonna's bumbling apprentice Clare, and eventually Jenji the Genie and his master Daggeron, the Solaris Knight.

Using their powerful magic and incredible martial arts skills, the Mystic Force Power Rangers must rely on teamwork to save the day


Several of the Zords in Power Rangers: Mystic Force are actually the Mystic Rangers themselves (or their horses), transformed into mythological creatures. The only exception to this is the Solar Streak Megazord, which is actually a mechanical train-based Megazord piloted by the Solaris Knight. When the Rangers form their own Megazords, they appear in a cockpit, no longer part of their transformed state.

  • Titan Megazord, combination of the five Mystic Titans
    • Mystic Phoenix, transformed from Nick as the Red Mystic Ranger
    • Mystic Dragon, combination of four of the Mystic Titans
      • Mystic Garuda, transformed from Chip as the Yellow Mystic Ranger
      • Mystic Mermaid, transformed from Madison as the Blue Mystic Ranger
      • Mystic Sprite, transformed from Vida as the Pink Mystic Ranger
      • Mystic Minotaur, transformed from Xander as the Green Mystic Ranger
  • Catastros, black stallion controlled by Koragg the Knight Wolf
    • Knight Wolf Centaur, a combination of Koragg and Catastros into a centaur
    • Centaurus Wolf Megazord, a humanoid combination of Koragg and Catastros
    • Centaurus Phoenix Megazord, a humanoid combination of Nick as the Mystic Phoenix and Catastros
  • Solar Streak, steam train driven by Daggeron the Solaris Knight
    • Solar Streak Megazord, battle mode-form of the Solar Streak
  • Manticore Megazord, combination of the Mystic Firebird and Lion
    • Mystic Firebird, transformed from Nick as the Red Legend Warrior
    • Mystic Lion, transformed from Chip, Madison, Vida, and Xander as the Yellow, Blue, Pink, and Green Legend Warriors
  • Brightstar, white unicorn controlled by Nick
    • Phoenix Unizord, combination of Nick as the Mystic Phoenix and Brights



Ranger:The Mystic Force Power Rangers

The Mystic Force Power Rangers

Nick Russell

The Red Mystic Ranger; Nick was the last member of the team to believe in and accept his magical powers, yet he has the greatest potential for power; he is later discovered to be Bowen, the Light, son of Leanbow and Udonna. As the Red Mystic Ranger, he has power over fire and can transform into the Mystic Phoenix and the Mystic Firebird. He was portrayed by Firass Dirani. Nick's character is by far the most contradictory. He is considered the most powerful of the Mystics, but was the only one (after Leanbow) to become a servant of the evil Master of the Underworld; he is the first to give up hope when all seems lost, but later revives both hope and his magic in a far more dire situation; is assumed to be the leader, yet is most reckless and emotional of the Power Rangers; and has little involvement with Fire Heart (see below), but is the only Ranger able to command him.

Charlie "Chip" Thorn

The Yellow Mystic Ranger; he was initially the only member of the team who believed in magic, vampires, and monsters, and was the most eager to become a Ranger. As the Yellow Mystic Ranger, Chip has an affinity for lightning and can transform into the Mystic Garuda, the Mystic Dragon, and the Mystic Lion. He was portrayed by Nic Sampson.

Madison Rocca

The Blue Mystic Ranger; the self-dubbed "sister with the common sense". Madison is an aspiring filmmaker and the most studious and kindest of the team, being able to befriend almost anybody. As the Blue Mystic Ranger, she derives power from the element of water and can transform into the Mystic Mermaid, the Mystic Dragon, and the Mystic Lion. She was portrayed by Melanie Vallejo.

Vida Rocca

The Pink Mystic Ranger; the more tomboyish of the Rocca sisters. Vida enjoys being a DJ at the Rock-Porium. As the Pink Mystic Ranger, her elemental affinity is wind. She can transform into the Mystic Sprite, the Mystic Dragon, and the Mystic Lion. She was portrayed by Angie Diaz.

Xander Bly

The Green Mystic Ranger; he moved to the United States from Australia when he was younger. Although he was initially bullied because of his accent and is sympathetic towards those who feel alone, he has since evolved into a charming and sometimes overconfident flirt. As the Green Mystic Ranger, he draws his power from the earth and can transform into the Mystic Minotaur, the Mystic Dragon, and the Mystic Lion. He was portrayed by Richard Brancatisano.


The Solaris Knight; trapped in the body of a frog for many years, he was freed by Madison's kiss, and later assisted the Rangers in battle and their magic studies. As the Solaris Knight, his power comes from the Sun and has control of the Solar Streak. He was portrayed by John Tui.


The White Mystic Ranger; she was a powerful sorceress before losing her Ranger powers in a duel with Koragg, but then tutored the other Rangers in magic, and later regained her powers. As the White Mystic Ranger, she holds power over snow. She is Leanbow's wife and Nick's mother. She was portrayed by Peta Rutter.


The Wolf Warrior; he was brainwashed by the powers of the Master into becoming Koragg the Knight Wolf. After saving Udonna from the powers of the Master, he regained his memories and later joined the Rangers in their battle. He is Udonna's husband and Nick's father. He was portrayed by Chris Graham.

The Mystic Force Rangers Helmetless

The Mystic Force Rangers Helmetless


Main article: Allies in Power Rangers: Mystic Force

  • Clare: Udonna and Leanbow's niece, Nick's cousin, Niella's daughter, and the Gatekeeper to the Underworld. Becomes a full sorceress in the finale thanks to the Mystic Mother. She used her own magic mistakely before she become a full sorceress. (Portrayed by Antonia Prebble)
  • Niella: Former Gatekeeper to the Underworld, Niella was Udonna's sister, Clare's mother, Leanbow's sister-in-law, and Nick's aunt who died sealing the gate to the Underworld. (Portrayed by Antonia Prebble)
  • Jenji: A mystical catlike genie and assistant to Daggeron. (Voiced by Oliver Driver)
  • Fire Heart: This dragon, said to have great power, merges with Nick to turn him into the Red Dragon Fire Ranger. Fire Heart was mentioned in the Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive episode "At All Cost" by Andrew Hartford saying that the dragon scale they needed for the Defender Vest sold to him by Toby came from him. In Dark Wish II, Fireheart is loyal only to Koragg.
  • Toby Slambrook: The teens' boss at the Rock-Porium. In the episode "Mystic Fate part 2" he ends up becoming Leelee's mother's boyfriend. (Portrayed by Barnie Duncan). Toby was mentioned in the Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive episode "At All Cost" by Andrew Hartford stating that a record store owner from Briarwood sold him a dragon's scale from Fire Heart.
  • Phineas: A troblin (half-troll, half-goblin) who roams the woods. Later becomes Leelee's boyfriend, and begins working at the Rock Porium. Very cheerful and familiar. Fond of hugs. (Portrayed by Kelson Henderson)
  • Ancient Titans: Mysterious figures that appear in morphing scenes and sometimes lend their power to the Titan Megazord.
  • Mystics: Leanbow's allies from the Great Battle.
  • Tribunal of Magic: The governing organization of all magic who reversed Imperious's wish and granted the Rangers Legend Mode in Dark Wish.
  • Leelee Pimvare: A snobby Briarwood teen and Necrolai's daughter who eventually abandoned the side of evil for a normal life by getting a job at Rock Porium. Later became ally of the Rangers. Tends to think of Phineas as attractive because of his optimistic manner and prodigious strength. She also works on The Rock-Porium after becoming good. Her last name is an anagram of "vampire." (Portrayed by Holly Shanahan).
  • Nikki Pimvare: The human form of Necrolai, taken on after her vampire powers were drained after reviving Daggeron, Leanbow, Itassis, and Jenji.
  • Snow Prince: An Ancient Mystic that exists in an alternate dimension decorated with constant snow. He is said to have been a teacher to the Mystics and is the one who told Daggeron that he had strayed from the path of knowledge, forcing him to learn from Nick. (Voiced by Paolo Rotondo)
  • Mystic Mother: The Empress of all good magic, she rules over the unseen magic world. Ironically, she was formerly known as Rita Repulsa, empress of evil. (Portrayed by Machiko Soga and voiced by Susan Brady)


Main article: Villains in Power Rangers: Mystic Force

  • The Master: The Supreme Master of the Underworld who appears as a human skull supported by tentacles. His true form is shown after taking over Matoombo's body. Finally destroyed by all eight of the Power Rangers. (Voiced by John Leigh)
  • Morticon: An undead general who led the Master's army. Destroyed by the Titan Megazord. (Voiced by Andrew Robertt)
  • Necrolai: Dark mistress of the Underworld, Queen of the Vampires and mother of Leelee. Necrolai is ambitious, desiring above all else to stimulate chaos and run wild in it forever. In the finale, she turned to the side of good and used her powers to revive Itassus, Leanbow, Daggeron, and Jenji. This left her powerless and transformed her into a human. (Voiced by Donogh Rees)
  • Koragg the Knight Wolf: Originally Udonna's husband and Nick's father, Leanbow was turned into the evil Koragg by the Master's dark magic. He fought the Rangers, frequently besting them, until Heir Apparent, when he realized the truth and turned back into Leanbow. As Koragg, Leanbow was often the noble savage, in that he despised deceit and refrained several times from killing the Rangers, whom he considered unworthy of conquest. (voiced by Geoff Dolan).
  • Imperious: A mummy-like sorcerer, once an ally and friend of the Mystics named Calindor, who took Morticon's place as leader of the Underworld. Plotted to overthrow the Master, but was soon destroyed by Daggeron. (Calindor portrayed by Will Hall, Imperious voiced by Stuart Devenie).
  • The Ten Terrors: The most powerful servants of the Master.
    • Magma: A fiery ifrit creature, the first of the Ten Terrors to attack. Destroyed by Sculpin after he failed to destroy the Rangers. (Voiced by Greg Smith).
    • Oculous: A red eyed robotic cyclops with a sniper rifle, the second of the Ten Terrors to attack. Destroyed by Nick as the Red Dragon Fire Ranger. (Voiced by Andrew Laing).
    • Serpentina: A turquoise snakelike gorgon monster with a mirror-shield for a weapon who, like Megahorn, has no respect for the Rules of Darkness. The third of the Ten Terrors to be chosen, attack, and fall; destroyed by the Manticore Megazord. (Voiced by Sally Stockwell).
    • Megahorn: A sword-wielding dragon-type creature with bone-like armor who has no respect for the Rules of Darkness. He was the fourth terror to be chosen and fall; destroyed by the Manticore and Solar Streak Megazords. (Voiced by Dallas Barnett).
    • Hekatoid: A gluttonous, green hammer-wielding toad monster. He captured Udonna, but was the fifth terror to be chosen and fall; destroyed by Code 2 with the Mystic Lion Staffs and the Snow Staff. (Voiced by Charlie McDermott).
    • Gekkor: A spear wielding wyvern creature. Destroyed by Leanbow while trying to capture the escaped Matoombo. The sixth Terror to be destroyed and the first villain to be destroyed by Leanbow as the Wolf Warrior. He was also the first Terror destroyed before being chosen to attack by the Stone of Judgement. (Voiced by Mark Ferguson).
    • Matoombo: The sixth Terror chosen to attack. A powerful gray titan gladiator with no visible eyes. Was revealed to truly be good, and attempted to escape to the Sleeping Lake with Vida, but was cut off by Sculpin, who destroyed him, allowing the Master to take over Matoombo's body and rise to his true form. Was revived by unknown means in Mystic Fate. (Voiced by Cameron Rhodes).
    • Itassis: A sphinx goddess with an arm-mounted bazooka and one of the Ten Terrors. Seventh Terror chosen to attack the rangers. Became good after realizing the power of courage. (Voiced by Josephine Davison).
    • Black Lance: A black knight monster with a shield and lance. The final Terror to attack the rangers. Destroyed by the Rangers' Mystic Spell Seal. (Voiced by Derek Judge).
    • Sculpin: The red fish-like leader of the Ten Terrors with a trident for a weapon. Destroyed by Itassis. (Voiced by Peter Daube).

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Luffy Identity


Luffy gained stretching powers from eating the Gomu Gomu no Mi, one of many [Devil Fruit]s in ''One Piece''. As a result, Luffy's body gained the properties of rubber, giving him incredible stretching abilities. Luffy uses the malleability of his limbs to achieve tremendous velocity to strike enemies with devastating impact. His rubber body is virtually immune to recoil from these attacks, and blunt objects such as punches and even bullets deflect off him harmlessly. Fighters with superhuman strength however, such as CP9 member Rob Lucci, have proven capable of damaging Luffy regardless of his normal resistance. Luffy's body also resists electricity, an ability which gave him an advantage while fighting Enel. Luffy is also able to store large amounts of liquids in his body (such as water) as seen during his battle with Crocodile. Like all Devil Fruit users, Luffy cannot swim.

Luffy's most powerful abilities are his upgraded ''Gears'', which he developed after being beaten effortlessly by Admiral Aokiji. Luffy's Gears are used to enhance his basic attacks, and are regarded as different forms of his regular body. To date, Luffy has used two forms in the story; Gear Second and Gear Third. He has also been shown as capable of using both techniques simultaneously, although it greatly strains Luffy.

Monkey D. Luffy
One Piece character

Monkey D. Luffy from the anime and manga series One Piece
First appearance Manga Volume #1-Chapter #1
Anime Episode #1
Created by Eiichiro Oda
Voiced by Japanese
Mayumi Tanaka
Urara Takano (OVA)
Bella Hudson (4Kids)
Colleen Clinkenbeard (FUNimation)
Chuck Powers (Singapore, Odex)
Nicknames "Straw Hat Luffy"
"Anchor" (Red Haired Shanks and Don Krieg)
"Rubber Man" (self)
Age 17 [1]
Gender Male
Species Human
Date of birth May 5th [2]
Occupation Pirate (Straw Hat Pirates, Captain)
Known relatives Monkey D. Garp (Grandfather)

Monkey D. Dragon (Father)

Portgas D. Ace (Brother)
Bounty 300,000,000 Berries
Devil Fruit
Name "Gomu Gomu no Mi" (Japanese)
"Gum Gum Fruit" (English)
Type Paramecia
Powers User's body gains the properties of extremely durable, stretchable rubber. This allows the user to stretch their limbs and fold their bodies without pain. Blunt forces are cushioned and mostly ineffective, while sharp edges retain the ability to pierce or slash. User gains total immunity to electricity due to rubber's naturally high resistance.

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Hii friend do you know about he,his name is Sanji and it is his Wanted picture Marine Said Maybe the covering of the camera is not open and they must draw his face and i think the picture is exact with sanji face.

The Three Admiral

There are only three Marines with the title of Admiral in the Navy of One Piece. They are known by their aliases, "Blue Pheasant" (Aokiji), "Red Dog" (Akainu), and "Yellow Monkey" (Kizaru). These are similar to characters in the fairy tale Momotaro. The three admirals and the Fleet Admiral are the only Marines within the Navy who are capable of issuing Buster Calls and there are:

  1. Aokiji, the "Blue Pheasant’’Known as Kuzan prior to his promotion. One of the Vice-Admirals present at the destruction of Ohara, he is responsible for letting NicoRobin go free at that time. He gained Devil Fruit powers after eating the Hie Hie no Mi ( Ice Ice Fruit), it allows him manipulate, create, absorb, generate, control and transform into ice and freeze his opponents, as well as making him nearly invincible against normal attacks. He effortlessly defeats Monkey D. Luffy when he encounters the Straw Hat Pirates after the Davy Back Fight. He attempts to kill Robin, but is stopped by Luffy. After the events at Enies Lobby, he confronts Nico Robin again, with no intention of harming her.
  2. Akainu, the "Red Dog, Known as Vice Admiral Sakazuki before his promotion, was present at the Ohara incident. He ordered the destruction of a ship of civilians, claiming it needed to be destroyed in case any scholars sneaked on board. He believes in "absolute justice", and eliminating all "evil", which is contrary to Aokiji's beliefs. In the G8 anime filler arc, Commander Jonathan claims to be friends with Akainu.
3. Kizaru, the "Yellow Monkey", The third of the three Admirals, who has yet to make a physical appearance his identity is very mysterious

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